Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 2

The Second Test


Beneath the city, wandering the endless damp, stony corridors of the Maze of the Horned Beast, you're tired and injured. The cries you heard at first have died down, save for the sporadic sound of violence. You have seen little evidence of the rival teams: the other prisoners in red, white, or blue cloaks, but you're certain some still survive.

You have two copper rings now, and still need three more; even better, you are certain that you found the shrine where you must leave them: a large room commanded by the statue of [[St. Vilthalis]], the patron saint of the seas, who is also known by an older name: Nethus-in-Chains, pagan god of the Deep, chained in the dark beneath the waves. 


You rested outside the Shrine of St. Vilthalis, in the stony hall, binding wounds, drinking water, and cleaning and oiling weapons. It was difficult to determine how long you've been in the maze, but it couldn't have been long. The chambers were still sunlit, and your audience of nobles hadn't thinned much. 

The Second Test

This chamber was larger than either the nest of the cockatrice, or the shrine of Vilthalis. It had a four-sided vaulted ceiling, and faded tile mosaics covered its walls, giving it a sophisticated appearance. The broken floor canted slightly downward, meeting in the center at a large, grill-covered drain. Ancient pipes and broken plumbing valves and gears indicated this was once an ancient bathhouse.  As you cautiously entered the room, eerie fishlike creatures materialized from the lichen-covered walls. Flooding the floor and sweeping you off your feet, the alien creatures lurched forward to attack with jagged tridents, dragging ankle chains across the tiled floor. 

Denizens of the Maze

Giant Insects - crawling on the body of a young man in a dirty white cloak, large arm-length centipedes attacked  

Fish Men – with large, hypnotic eyes and an inhuman gait, these creatures gibber in a maddening language 


sethnwhite sethnwhite

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