Maze of the Blue Medusa

Session 1

Into the Maze of the Horned Beast


The City is alive with rumour, a quiet undulating whisper moving through the streets. A new Art Season is approaching, and the people of The City stir with anxious anticipation. 

Every few years, the Nobles grow weary of their old playthings, and the Season of the White King—with the fur and dreary greys, the gaudy spikes and horns, and valhalla street battles—feels so old, so passé, so dreadfully dull and uninspired. So the Nobles are looking for a new diversion. Everyone is talking medusa and maze, and the city is feverish in anticipation. The common people shake in fear. 

You awoke in a prison pen. The rumor in the prison pens was that they need tributes to open the new Art Season, and you were hand-selected for Trial by Maze. Lucky You.

New Characters

The Geomancer – the hooded man who bet that you would survive; possible friend?

Toz – violent and crude sergeant of the prison guard

Heinrich -  a dangerous pet, part lizard, part rooster, with a stony bite


Arrested and thrown into prison, you were thrust together as a gladiator troupe, to fight and survive the Maze of the Horned Beast beneath the city. The team that survives and finds the five copper rings, not only are pardoned, but become heroes of their patron district. You were given long green cloaks, to represent the Old Quarter, the overgrown and lawless district beyond the Inner Wall. It's a district of outcasts, foreigners, nomads, and mercenary camps; it isn't lost on you that you were thrown together for your inhuman heritage. High above, drinking, laughing, and cheering, in taverns, brothels, and gaming dens, the Nobles and merchant princes threw down wagers on your trials.

You crept through endless corridors of damp gray stone, peering into the darkness for signs of danger. From time to time, you heard an echoing bellow like a great beast roaming the crumbling corridors. Stranger still, brief pockets of fanfare would erupt, a jarring contrast to the clash of steel and cries of pain and horror. Until you can find five rings, and deliver them to the shrine of the ancient sea god, you are trapped in the prison.  

The First Test

You entered a stone room with strange twisted columns riddled with holes: the stony nest of the cockatrices. The room was lit from above by smoky sunlight, shadows moving about behind caged balconies. The shadowy nobles, high above watched you explore the chamber. Here you discovered men, forever frozen in stone, victims of the bite of the cockatrice. Kai destroyed one, while Brother Stefanis approached the other, calming it. The creature still follows you, fed with tiny morsels of food by the dwarf priest, but it is skittish and prone to agitation. 

Denizens of the Maze

Cockatrice - a hideous creature with the body of an emaciated rooster, the wings of a bat, and a long, scaly tail. Its deadly bite turns creatures to stone within seconds. 

Gray Oooze - a seemingly normal patch of moist stone seeped out from the wall and lunged toward your party with a terrible, acidic pseudopod. 

Giant Rats – huge rats the size of small dogs, filthy and mangy, but cowardly and weak.


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