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The Maze of the Blue Medusa

The city is alive with rumour, a quiet undulating whisper moving through the streets. A new Art Season is approaching, and the people of The City stir with anxious anticipation.

Every few years, the nobles grow weary of their old playthings, and last season's Hunt of the White King–with all the fur and dreary grays, the gaudy spikes and horns, peasant hunts, and valhalla street battles–feels so old, so passé, so dreadfully dull and uninspired.

So the nobles are looking for a new diversion. Everyone is talking maze and medusa, and the city is feverish in anticipation. The common people shake in fear.

The Elder Empire – a brief history of the recent past

The First City – an introduction to the city

The People of the World – a summary of the civilized races

Beyond the First City – a short description of the known world

Deities and Powers – the cults, religions, and supernatural beings in the First City

Main Page

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