The elite knights and nobles of The Dragon Empire, these creatures are a very young race. They have appeared only in the last sixty years, and have become the vanguard of the dragon armies. Some say they are men who have been transformed by powerful dragon sorceries, while others believe they are spawn of the great dragons themselves. 

These draconians are known by many names among their enemies: Dragonborn, Drakken, Zmeyevich. Among their own kind, they are known by their warrior caste, for all dragonkin are born for war. The Akanji are the officers of the Empire; the Edjet the elite dervishes and war-magi; the Sekben are the war-forged infantry and the tip of the Dragon Spear.

Draconians are strong, scaly-skinned and clawed, and consider themselves superior to the scaleless races, which they derisively call Jambuka, or "jackals."  Greedy and arrogant, draconians make formidable foes, ravaging cities and plundering their wealth. Draconians divide themselves into ranks according to scale color. The Metallic races make up the ruling castes, with the Chromatic races as Sekben infantry.  The highest Metallic rank is Gold, followed by Silver, Bronze, Brass, and Copper. Beneath the nobles are the Chromatics: Red, Blue, White, Green, and Black. 

Due to the aggressive and expansionist nature of the great Dragon Empire, draconians are seen as brutish enemies of the soft-skinned races. Most draconians serve directly in the armies of the Sultana of the Dragon Empire, but some have spread beyond the Empire as messengers, ambassadors, spies, and mercenaries. A few have even broken away from their armies; these rebellious draconians are hunted down without mercy. 


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