Elves are the descendants of the ancient world-spanning Elder Empire that ruled over the primitive humans. This Empire disappeared ages ago, plunging the world into a violent dark age. The remaining Elves are all that remains of the Empire, isolated in their ivory towers, deep in the dark forests, or beyond the Veil in the Shadow Realm

There are only a tiny scattering of elves left in the world. The most known and feared are The Beloved Imperatrix of Dornig, The River King, The Queen of Night and Magic and her Moonlit King. It's said that The Sisters Torn—lost empresses of the world—still remain trapped beneath the earth in the Maze of the Blue Medusa. 

The elves are secluded from men by more than their alien physiology. Their timeless eyes view the world entirely differently, and their battle is not against time and disease, but against ennui and inaction. Even the elves do not know how long they have been in the world. Elfin memory is a strange thing: elves sometimes remember the future and foresee the past. Some elves claim they have always been with the world while others say they were brought into existence thirty thousand years ago. No one—not even the elves—knows for certain.

The Elder race that were the ancestors of the elves was a cruel race that enslaved the creatures of the world. When the Elder retreated from the world perhaps those that remained were changed, or perhaps they were simply too few to rule the world. Regardless, the elves that remain rule their small kingdoms removed from the world of men, or retreat to academies and libraries to lose themselves in their studies.  


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