Masks of the Gods


It is well known that the Gods use masks to hide their identities. How this came about is less well known but some say that in earlier times there was great warring among the Gods as some Gods killed and ate others, taking their power and becoming more and more savage and powerful. The Gods were compelled to no longer make war openly, and induced to wear masks, that they might not know one another.

By wearing masks, the Gods are unknowable and mysterious. They can take the form of whichever God they choose and appear as they wish to either mortals or each other. This means that not only are they indistinguishable and interchangeable, but that their powers, gained through worship, are also transferable. A God whose temples are destroyed in a particular region, can regain power in that region by assuming the form of another. Similarly, a God who feels he or she needs more power in a certain region of Midgard might pose as another and carry out acts of benevolence that endear him or her to the peoples of that region. The Gods also use avatars and masks to retain a degree of deniability. This is why the exact relationships of the various masks remain in doubt, and any atrocities carried out in the name of a God may be attributed to the interference of another.

With the widespread use of masks, the Gods also take a more active interest in the physical world and in Midgard they will often walk among the people of the world, administering their secret plans.

It is said that in each region there is space for only five or six Gods. However, although this may be true, the identities of these can never truly be known and the masks of various pantheons can be worn by Gods so that they are yet familiar to their followers. For this reason, a traveller from the North living in Zobeck, may see the power of Thor or Wotan within the temple of Mavros-Perun, or recognise the influence of Freyr and Freyja in the fields and pastures of Yarila and Porevit.

Similarly, an act of madness and despair, seemingly carried out by one of the DARK GODSMammon or The Goat of The Woods, could also be perceived as having been carried out by Loki or Set, depending on the character’s own life experience.

Masks of the Gods

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